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When it comes to workplace safety, the significance of safety PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) cannot be overstated. Helping companies ensure the well-being of employees across various industries, our comprehensive range of PPE equipment and personal safety equipment is designed to meet the highest standards of protection. Discover our selection of safety workwear, essential for safeguarding individuals in diverse working environments. Equip your workforce with the necessary gloves and dispensers, enhancing safety and hygiene. Improve workplace safety further with our safety signage, crucial for communicating hazards and protocols. Our safety tapes offer additional security measures, marking hazardous areas effectively. For operational safety, explore our packaging machinery, designed with user safety in mind and reducing strain and lifting injuries.


What kind of PPE should everyone have?

The essential types of PPE everyone should have depend on the specific risks and requirements of their working environment. Generally, PPE equipment such as protective gloves, safety glasses or face shields, and appropriate workwear are fundamental across various sectors and industries. These items protect against a wide range of hazards, from chemical exposure to physical injuries. Ensuring that all individuals are equipped with the right personal safety equipment is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment, minimising risks, and adhering to safety regulations.

Does Opal Packaging deliver Australia wide?

Yes, Opal Packaging offers comprehensive Australia-wide delivery services. We understand the importance of receiving your packaging supplies promptly and efficiently, regardless of your location across the country. Our delivery network is designed to ensure that your orders reach you in a timely manner, fully supporting your business's operational needs and project timelines.

What are the benefits of having an account with Opal Packaging?

Creating an account with Opal Packaging unlocks access to a personalised catalogue and pricing, a dedicated account manager who gives access to our entire catalogue and better freight rates. Creating an account also gives you access to apply for a full credit based account with 30 days to pay, perfect for users who have ongoing and bulk packaging needs.