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Moving can seem like a huge task, filled with endless packing and organising. With Opal Packaging's moving solutions, we help your process  become smoother and more efficient. Our selection of moving cartons and removal cartons ensures that all your belongings are securely packed, ready for transit to your new home.


How many boxes does the average person use to move?

The number of boxes required for a move varies greatly, depending on the size of your home and the volume of your possessions. On average, it’s estimated that an individual might need between 40 to 60 boxes to pack a full household. Our range includes everything from standard moving cartons to recycled bubble wrap and recycled tapes, ensuring your items are well-protected and you can recycle or reuse your boxes without worry.

Our heavy duty cartons are perfect for those heavier or more valuable items, offering an extra layer of protection. For those looking to reinforce their packaging further, our fluteboard solutions offer robust support and cushioning for delicate items, ensuring they arrive at their destination safely.

Explore our full range of boxes and cartons to find the perfect moving solutions for your exact needs. With Opal Packaging, you can move with confidence, knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.

Does Opal Packaging deliver Australia wide?

Yes, Opal Packaging offers comprehensive Australia-wide delivery services. We understand the importance of receiving your packaging supplies promptly and efficiently, regardless of your location across the country. Our delivery network is designed to ensure that your orders reach you in a timely manner, fully supporting your business's operational needs and project timelines.

What are the benefits of having an account with Opal Packaging?

Creating an account with Opal Packaging unlocks access to a personalised catalogue and pricing, a dedicated account manager who gives access to our entire catalogue and better freight rates. Creating an account also gives you access to apply for a full credit based account with 30 days to pay, perfect for users who have ongoing and bulk packaging needs.