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Maintain Product Integrity with Cold Chain & Thermal Packaging Solutions

Our selection of cold chain and thermal packaging solutions is designed to meet your most demanding temperature-sensitive shipping requirements. Whether you need cold chain packaging for heat sensitive products, thermal packaging for perishables, or reliable options for any other products requiring temperature control, we provide effective options to maintain the integrity and quality of your items throughout the shipping process. Consider options such as our polystyrene insulation and esky coolers for robust thermal protection.

For increased product safety, explore our insulated carton liners and gel ice packs, which provide additional temperature stability and moisture control. Our silica gel desiccants are perfect for controlling humidity within packaging, ensuring that your products remain dry and in pristine condition, and are suitable for ecommerce packaging needs as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does insulated packaging last?

Insulated packaging is designed to maintain the temperature of your products for the duration required by your shipping and handling needs. The longevity of the insulation effect depends on several factors including the type of insulated material used, the external environment, and the initial temperature of the products.

Typically, solutions like our polystyrene insulation and esky coolers can keep items cool for anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, making them ideal for short to medium transport routes. For extended needs, integrating gel ice packs with your packaging can prolong this duration significantly, ensuring that products remain at the required temperatures for their journey. This makes them especially effective for the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, perishable foods, and other temperature-sensitive goods in ecommerce packaging requirements.

By choosing the right combination of thermal packaging options, you can extend the effective duration of cold chain protection to meet your specific logistical requirements, ensuring product safety and customer satisfaction with your products.

Does Opal Packaging deliver Australia wide?

Yes, Opal Packaging offers comprehensive Australia-wide delivery services. We understand the importance of receiving your packaging supplies promptly and efficiently, regardless of your location across the country. Our delivery network is designed to ensure that your orders reach you in a timely manner, fully supporting your business's operational needs and project timelines.

What are the benefits of having an account with Opal Packaging?

Creating an account with Opal Packaging unlocks access to a personalised catalogue and pricing, a dedicated account manager who gives access to our entire catalogue and better freight rates. Creating an account also gives you access to apply for a full credit based account with 30 days to pay, perfect for users who have ongoing and bulk packaging needs.

For personalised assistance in selecting the ideal packing materials for your business, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. At Opal, we are dedicated to supporting your business’s packaging needs with expert advice, premium supplies, and tailored solutions. Let us help you enhance your packaging process today.