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Poly Bags and Assorted Products

Mattress Bags

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Opal offers a comprehensive range of mattress bags designed to provide superior protection during storage or transit. Made from high-quality materials, these bags ensure your mattresses remain free from dust, dirt, and moisture. Available in various sizes, our mattress bags fit every type of mattress, offering a snug and secure fit. Trust Opal to keep your bedding investments safe with durable and reliable solutions. Explore our mattress bag collection today and discover the perfect protection for your needs.


Reliable Protection for Your Mattresses

Choosing Opal’s mattress bags means opting for premium protection that extends the lifespan of your mattresses. These tear-resistant bags are crafted to withstand the rigours of moving and long-term storage. By safeguarding against external elements, our mattress bags help maintain the cleanliness and integrity of your bedding. 

For additional moving solutions, consider our furniture bags, ideal for protecting your furniture. If you need custom-sized packaging, explore our poly bag tubing rolls. Additionally, our poly bags offer versatile protection for various items. For smaller packaging needs, check out our small resealable bags and large resealable bags for secure storage solutions.



What are the advantages of mattress bags?

Mattress bags offer exceptional protection against dust, dirt, and moisture, ensuring your mattresses stay clean and undamaged. Ideal for moving or storage, they prevent physical damage and staining. Available in various sizes, these bags provide a perfect fit for all mattress types. Made from durable materials, they are tear-resistant and long-lasting. Using Opal’s mattress bags can extend the life of your mattresses by maintaining their condition.

Does Opal Packaging deliver Australia wide?

Yes, Opal Packaging offers comprehensive Australia-wide delivery services. We understand the importance of receiving your packaging supplies promptly and efficiently, regardless of your location across the country. Our delivery network is designed to ensure that your orders reach you in a timely manner, fully supporting your business's operational needs and project timelines.

What are the benefits of having an account with Opal Packaging?

Creating an account with Opal Packaging unlocks access to a personalised catalogue and pricing, a dedicated account manager who gives access to our entire catalogue and better freight rates. Creating an account also gives you access to apply for a full credit-based account with 30 days to pay, perfect for users who have ongoing and bulk packaging needs.

For additional support or inquiries about our products, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We're here to help you find the perfect packaging solutions tailored to your business needs.